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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Apr 7, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 000 The Stoked Lifestyle


Welcome to The Stoked Lifestyle! Join Steve Larosiliere as he shares the inspiring story of how he started Stoked Mentoring. It’s a program for those who want to transform their lives and make a difference.


“We shouldn’t wait to be successful in order to give back. We can make giving back part of our success.” -Steve Larosiliere

An Inspiring Solution

Steve founded Stoked Mentoring 12 years ago to motivate and empower the youth through action sports. They have served in New York, Los Angeles, and soon to be Chicago.


They started this podcast out of the desire to share their story. Steve saw how lots of people try to keep their status quo, but with less satisfaction. They were either happy, scared, or ambivalent doing so.

A Community of Fearless Leaders

Steve saw how the things he cared about motivated and empowered people to live their biggest life. He saw the opportunity to use what’s available to transform their lives and the youth.


For many years now, Stoked has been serving young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their mission is to create a community of fearless leaders.

Set to Transform

This podcast is great for working professionals, people who want to transform their life and do something great with it.


It’s for you who want to make a difference in the world. It’s for people who believe in fairness, equality, hard work, and the chance to live the American dream.


To hear about The Stoked Lifestyle, download and listen to the entire episode. If you enjoyed the show, feel free to leave a rating and review. Steve would love to hear from you!

Connect with Steve Larosiliere at the following links:

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