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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Apr 19, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 002 Ben Lyons


On today’s episode, Steve Larosiliere interviews Ben Lyons. Ben is a good friend and supporter of Stoked. He is a podcaster, TV and radio host, and producer. He shared lots of great times with Stoked’s co-founder, Sal Masekela, at E! channel. Tune in to his fascinating story!


“You have to have that belief that your next big thing is constantly around the door.” -Ben Lyons

The Man from New York

Ben was born and raised in New York. His family’s background exposed him to the entertainment business. Because of this, he grew up with an open and curious spirit.


He experienced managing rappers, working as a DJ, and eventually producing a late night tv show. His experiences inspired him to be on television himself. That’s when he landed on E! channel.

Living the Dream

His work took him to different places he never imagined. Ben enjoyed the benefits of being on TV as well. He loved his time at E! channel.


According to him, openness was key in his career and life success. It opened doors for him to pursue. The same applies in living a stoked lifestyle.

Openness is Key

Openness empowers a person to forgive. People sometimes avoid those they don’t like. Ben discusses the importance of being open to whatever happens.


According to him, you never know what will come around the door or when a person will return to your life. Lots of possibilities exist.


For Ben, challenges are opportunities. He enjoys going out of his comfort zone, and being open to the world and other areas in life.


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