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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

May 3, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 005 Nick Romito Step Out and Shine

 On today’s episode, Steve Larosiliere interviews real estate tech entrepreneur Nick Romito. Nick is the CEO of View the Space, a tech company that services the commercial real estate industry. Listen and learn how you too can grow your company and career through your skills and relationships!

Career Background

Nick started in the real estate industry in 2008. He worked there for a couple of years, because of the opportunity it gave to set one’s destiny and to build one’s business. You can earn as much as you could in that industry.

Eventually, he stepped out and helped his friend run their family business. The experience he had taught him how things worked.

Living the Stoked Lifestyle

Nick wanted to join a mentorship or nonprofit that’s aligned with his interests. That’s how he found Stoked and became a supporter and mentor. 

He lived the Stoked lifestyle even before Stoked came. Nick has been surfing since childhood, and it always made him secure and happy everyday. He enjoyed the brotherhood he found.

In Between Crossroads

Nick started competing since he was 10 years old. He was 18 when he had to make a decision to pursue it or not. He never thought he was good enough to take his skills to the next level.

His first option was to pursue it for many years and figure out his life by 26 years old. The second option was to go to school, use all the energy he had to be successful, and go surfing anytime he wanted. He pursued the latter, and moved to New York.

In this episode, you'll hear how Nick grew his company from an idea to having over 200 employees and having raised over $100 million. This is an inspiring and motivating episode. 

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