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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

May 24, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 008 Devin O'Brien Do Not Follow My Advice


On today’s episode, Steve Larosiliere interviews Devin O’Brien. Devin is the founder of Search and State, a lifestyle and apparel cycling brand. He took on his passion and pursued it full time. Tune in to his inspiring story!  


“Of course, you need to plan. Of course, you need to have an idea of where you’re going. But if you’re too rigid in that, I think you end up missing on more than you could gain by trying to follow that path.” -Steve Larosiliere

Driven to Succeed

Devin started marketing for Target in 2006. It was a move that he did not expect to make. He only wanted to land a job and earn until he can start his own business.


He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but didn’t know what to do or how to finance it. The financial crisis in 2008 motivated him to continue on his goal. He spent 8 years in the company.

A Meaningful Run in Politics

While still in college, Devin ran for the State House of Representatives in Minnesota. He did his best in his candidacy, and placed himself in a meaningful way. He was 21 years old that time.

The Game Changer

Devin’s inherently a risk taker. He was the smallest kid in school, and wanted to prove things to people. The 9/11 attack changed his perspective.

His uncle was in the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. He realized the brevity of life and the impact one can have. Those thoughts drove him forward.

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