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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

May 17, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 007 Derek Flanzraich Life Without Limits


On today’s episode, Stoked Steve interviews Derek Flanzraich. Derek is the founder and CEO of Greatist, a health and wellness website. He started it out of the desire to solve his own problem in weight. Now, he is set on a mission of guiding people live in the healthiest way. Tune in!


“Success can come to anyone however they define it.” -Derek Flanzraich

In Search for a Solution

Derek started Greatist nearly 6 years ago. He was struggling with his weight that time, but the resources he went to weren’t able to help him out.


Nothing worked for Derek until his friends started talking about health and fitness in an important way. That led him to scientific studies. He shared what he learned to his friends, and they started to listen and make changes in life.

A Brand that Empowers

Derek saw the major shift in the world’s perspective on health and wellness. But, he felt that none was really addressing it. That inspired him to start a brand that would empower people in that area.


It’s what Greatist does now through content. They want to help people think about health the healthiest way. It’s their mission to help people improve in the long term.

Promoting Trust and Connection

Derek wanted two things with regards to health: trust and connection. Before he started on his mission, he felt like he didn’t know what to trust.


People want an easy fix on their health problems, but find it difficult to find something reliable. He experienced firsthand how things don’t work.


The second thing he was concerned about was connection. It’s different when someone relays a message to you cordially—it makes one feel the solution is just within reach. That’s what they now do at Greatist.


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