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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

May 10, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 006 Holley Murchison Own Your Voice, Leave Your Mark

On today’s episode, Steve Larosiliere interviews Holley Murchison. Holley is a strategist and social entrepreneur. She has been helping people find passion in their craft and calling. Listen to her inspiring story, and learn how she used volunteering and nonprofit to build her career.


“If you feel good about you, what you are up to, and what you are doing, you are better equipped to take more leaps and take more risks.” -Holley Murchison

Empowering through Communication

Holley now resides in Oakland, California. She was running The Hall Pass Tour when she and Steve Larosiliere first met in 2012. She and her team traveled around the country producing concerts at schools and marginalized communities.

They focused on promoting higher learning as a way of carving a person’s path. During that time, she was also just starting her career as a communication consultant.

Studying AND Working Full Time

Way back in college, Holley was a full time scholar and a basketball player. Two years after, she transferred to another university. During her time there, she underwent a surgery and took a break for three semesters.

That’s when she decided to work full time to supplement her studies. Her first job was at an accounting firm. Afterwards, she landed a job at a contracting firm where she worked for three years.

Overcoming Challenges through Creativity

Her high school years were pretty interesting. She attended a small school from junior high until she graduated from high school.

She faced lots of different challenges, including poverty, and creatively expressed them through their school activities. Holley cultivated her own learning.

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