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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jun 28, 2017

On today’s episode, Stoked Steve welcomes Jian Pablico from Distrikt Movement. Jian is all about movement, youth empowerment as well as community building. Every time he finds something interesting, he pursues it with passion. Tune in to his story!

“In order for the young people to thrive, we are creating a community with them and for them.” -Jian Pablico

A Community for the Youth and Adults

Jian co-owns a yoga and fitness studio called the Distrikt in Vancouver. He and his partner started it with the desire to empower the youth.

After some time, they decided to open it also to adults. They eventually found a space to create a community with and for the people they deal with.

An Inspiration to Pursue

At the young age of 15, Jian moved out of his house and lived on his own. He struggled with the family culture and some other issues.

As he became older, he found youth work as a good way to rekindle his childhood. He went to summer camps, which inspired him to work with the young people.

Into the Conspiracy

Jian came to realize how many adults and coaches helped him out. He loved the term “conspiracy of love” which Cory Booker used.

From that, he understood how people help shape one’s life. Now, he does what he can to recreate that concept.


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