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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Apr 18, 2018

Hasan Piker has always had a passion for politics. After high school, he came to the United States to study and thereafter he got an Internship at The Young Turks (TYT). Eventually, he started producing on the side, He would sneak in as many extra hours as he could so that one day he could have his own show and segment which was a big dream. This thirst led him to ask his producers if he could fill in for them while they were away. They accepted his offer and this is how he grew his experience as well as audience. Impressed, the producers allowed Hasan to create a low cost alternative show in one of their YouTube channels and gave him control over their Facebook page where he created his now really famous show.
He is responsible for The Young Turks Facebook page where he also has a show, The Breakdown. His day to day duties consist of looking for stories that really upset him, which unfortunately isn’t hard to find nowadays. The hard task for him is trying to make the show informational but also interesting, to be able to reach out to as broad of an audience as possible.

It is no surprise Hasan has immense interest in politics given his country of birth. He was born and bred in Istanbul, Turkey, a very political country. At a young age, he saw a dramatic change in the political state of his home country. This motivated his political interests even more. He applied, got accepted and started college at University of Miami. In college, he double majored in Political Science and Communication. His path to being a politics critic was not so easy, though. He worked his way through starting out in the entertainment industry, working other jobs like sales and eventually gained enough audience to share his political thoughts.

Although he is not spiritual, he believes his purpose is to show people the ongoing realities in politics. It is quite hard to grasp people’s attention with news unless it is totally indecent or crazy. That’s why Hasan’s goal is to give power back to the people by informing them about certain realities and mobilizing them appropriately. All this is done through hard and work and he consciously surrounds himself with people who inspire him, who he respects, and who he believes are doing great things in the world.

Social media gives people a platform to be authentic which is something that has been lacking for years in the media world. With social media around, he definitely wasn't looking forward to working with a producer who’ll dictate his shows. However, Hasan’s journey was not swift from the beginning. Looking back and watching his videos, he can’t believe the content he used to put out. He’s learned to be more and more fearless with his show as years go by. Although his remarks offend people a lot, he is committed to being authentic.

His goal is to get his message out on mainstream news, on TV, and to an older demographic who’ve not heard of him yet. He’s got interesting new ways of delivering his information and he is currently experimenting with different formats.
Instagram: Hasandpiker