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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

May 23, 2018

In 2003, Kelly was self-employed and working in the electric sign industry. As much as he was comfortable in this business, he wasn't quite fulfilled. His wife suggested that he put a resume on Craigslist and that’s exactly what he did. Shortly thereafter, he received a phone call from Mitchell Schwartz of BeCore Promotions.

After listening to Mitchell describe the opportunities at BeCore, and then also doing research about Becore on his own, Kelly expressed the potential interest he had in becoming an owner of the company. In complete transparency, Mitchell stated that this was a possibility. With this objective in mind, Kelly started working for the company by producing events and helping with administrative work. 

Kelly Vaught is now the CMO and Co-owner of BeCore, an experiential marketing agency based in Downtown LA. At the moment, their portfolio has expanded from working with their first client Red Bull, to now working with Nike, Microsoft, Harley Davidson, and a host of other clients.


Life has not always been easy for Kelly. When he was 17, he had a fallout with his family that left him homeless. Kelly spent the next two years hitchhiking through California, daily on the hunt for food, clothing, and shelter. Instead of looking back on these years with resentment, Kelly finds the recollection of his experiences as fond ones. All of the interesting people and situations he found himself in, helped mold him into the person that he is today.

One fateful day, he passed by the Huntington Beach Sign Shop. Kelly had always had an interest in graffiti and the graphic arts, and he found himself drawn to the store. He spent his days hanging out with the staff and helping out around the store. He did this for free for some time until the manager decided to officially give him a job and put him on the payroll. This was the beginning of Kelly learning to  put himself out there and trust in himself. Now, whenever he’s going through a tough time, he takes in a deep breath and assures himself that he’s not going to lose his life over what’s troubling him at that moment. Holding onto this positive and optimistic spirit enables him to believe that everything will always work out somehow. 


Kelly suggests that you should find the things that align with your interests and look for ways to incorporate those interests in your life. The most important thing, though, is to be grateful and have gratitude for whatever you currently have.


When he was in the sign industry, he had a boss who always encouraged him to have integrity and be honest in everything he did. He took this advice to heart and has held his former boss up as a great mentor. Also his wife, Sylvia, who has encouraged him to never limit what might come his way. 


Kelly’s enjoys mentoring the staff at BeCore as well as the students of Stoked. He’s currently looking forward to transitioning from handling the day to day duties of Becore, to instead focusing more on mentoring.