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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

US Army Veteran, Stacey Barre, came home from Iraq in 2007 suffering from symptoms of PTSD and alcohol addiction. Then, in 2009 when a friend took him rock climbing, he had a moment where he felt free of all the guilt and bad feelings about the past. After the climb, an idea came to mind of how this type of activity would be great therapy for other people struggling with similar issues.
Working in an outdoor-based program wasn't one that Stacey ever saw himself doing. But, opportunities presented themselves one step at a time and In 2009, while all he was trying to do was survive, This therapeutic rock climbing adventure led him to the outdoors industry.

In 2010, Stacy and Nick Watson formed the Veterans Expedition and a couple of years later, they met Timmy O'Neill who introduced them to a small team working with NatGeo Adventure. NatGeo showed interest in their stories and wanted people to realize that adventure is also a community-driven process, and there are different ways to be adventurous. This is how they won the award, Adventure of the Year National Geographic, and it’s opened a lot of amazing doors for the company.

He is now the Director of Sierra Club Outdoors. Sierra Club Outdoors helps 270,000 people a year adventure in the outdoors through 3 buckets of programming. They have local outings which are a community-based community and happen within 500+ different groups and 63 different chapters across the country and in places such as Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and the US Virgin Island. They also have a second multi outdoors program that connects veteran service members and their families to the outdoors. This program alone connects about 15,000 people a year.

Stacey uses adventure to build bridges for people needing a helping hand out of depression and darkness.

For Stacy, having a stoked lifestyle is really about being intentional and saying “There's good work to be done, my best days are in front of me, and there are goals, and adventures, and people out there that I want to meet. I want to keep dreaming and figure out how to do that”.

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