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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jun 27, 2018


Author Dev Aujla began his career running a Canadian non-profit called “Dream Now”. Dream Now organized several different clubs for Canadian youth, ranging in topic from climate change awareness to eating disorders to environmental awareness.

As the kids of the program started to grow up, Dev realized that they needed direction on how to find their career calling and passion. It was during this time that he began researching all of the old “get a job” tactics. During his research, he realized that the advice hadn’t really changed in the past thirty years. Armed with this knowledge, Dev decided to try and find a new tactic that would actually help young adults find jobs that they weren’t just good at, but also passionate about.


Out of this idea came Dev’s book, “50 Ways to Get a Job: An Unconventional Guide to Finding Work on Your Terms”.

People are always looking for that “secret sauce” for finding a job that they love doing. However, Dev says that while there aren’t any shortcuts or secret sauce, there is a path and a way available through hard work and self-discovery.

Aujla also talks about “Career Mapping”. He explains that the power of mapping out your career path is that it helps you to see the little hints that you’ve given yourself along the way. These hints speak more about where your career could or should go than you realize.

For example, look at 10-15 career milestones in your life that have gotten you where you are. Now, write them down and think about each one. Remember the emotions that you were feeling in those situations and ask yourself- what was going on before, during, and after this milestone? Why did you move away or towards that path?

Once you sit down and think through several of those life moments, you’ll find patterns that you never expected. These patterns can be the start of your own self-realization as to what you really want to be doing in your career and life.

50 Ways to Get a Job was tested on over 3,000 people, as well as used on online platforms and in schools. Dev loves hearing stories from people that read the book and then decided to “choose their own adventure”, meaning, they applied two or three of the 50 ways and then started to see their life perspective shift.


Dev’s advice on finding your purpose is to pay attention to the questions that come into your head, and then pay special attention to the questions that keep coming back. If there are lingering questions for six months to a year, maybe you should really take the time to explore them.




Amazon: 50 Ways to Get a Job