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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jul 4, 2018


Danny Gillcrist and Jordan Lutes have grown up traveling the world. They are now a creative  Photographer/ Video team duo. Their work includes shooting commercial products on locations around the world. A recent project had them on a location where they featured red bull swimming pools with high-divers as the photo subject. Danny and Jordan both are college graduates that have degrees in fine arts, film, and TV.  After spending a few years traveling the world, they’ve developed a great working and personal relationship, one in which they share the same eye for photography style as well as similar interests in the types of work that they like to focus on.

Finding The Path

Jordan says he got his big break with a traveling photographer that he constantly emailed.  He hired Jordan because he was easy to work with and he smiled all the time. He goes on to say you need to be prepared to hustle & always do as much research as possible. Danny says that seeing Jordan succeed in his freelance work gave her the confidence to take the leap and do the same. While it’s an exciting and fun life, it’s also a lot of hard work. The duo is always networking, researching, and looking for the next job.

Sharing The Vision

The team says software and social media is the best way to get your vision out there. Take advantage of all of the free online classes out there and stay up to date with the ever-changing technological world. There are plenty of online courses that can help you master any program within a few days.  Currently, they are working on a top-secret project that will be in the U.S. within the next couple months. The creative duo is also planning their wedding & a honeymoon to Norway.


Stoked Lifestyle

Danny and Jordan embrace the freedom and empowerment that comes with working on what they want to work on. Even though there are constant challenges in the freelance world, they believe that it's worth it. Jordan says to make sure that you do your research and be well prepared before taking the leap. Leaving a steady paycheck is hard to do, but the rewards are well worth the cost!


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