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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jul 11, 2018


Marc Hans is a man of many different hustles and talents. He finds himself doing a lot of different things, all of them strung together by the common thread of creativity. Educator turned design thinker, Marc plans his projects based on the level of help he thinks he can give. 

Finding The Path

People tend to think of a career as a linear thing, go to college, get a career, etc.

However, your career doesn’t have to be defined by the thing or career that you initially set out to do.

Take Marc’s real-life example; As an adult, he had the realization that everyone learns differently, and sitting in a classroom for 6 hours a day doesn’t work for everyone. As a kid that struggled academically and socially, his past inspired him to look for ways to “hack the system for enjoyment and maximize output”. With this goal in mind, he started his life as a teacher.

Moving on from teaching, but still wanting to educate and inspire, he started nonprofits that developed mentorships for youth in underserved communities. From there, he entered into the world of design thinking. Marc uses his background as a teacher, entrepreneur, and educator to help people to think differently.

Sharing The Vision

Design thinking spoke to Marc when he stumbled upon the idea while googling and doing research. He came across a design thinking firm and started reading their business model pdf. As he started to read their objective, chills ran through his spine as he realized that was the EXACT career and lifestyle model that he had been trying to achieve. They shared the same vision and dream that he was already trying to live!


Stoked Lifestyle

You find your thing, you build a framework and a community around that thing, and then you run with it!


Design thinking, in a nutshell, is an idea built around someone else's needs. It’s important to remember that the idea isn’t just what you think they need, but what they actually need and what will actually help them to achieve their goals. This makes design thinking in an empathy filled way of thinking. One in which you find people's pain points, help them and provide value to the things that they care about.


When these opportunities to help people and businesses come, One of Marc’s personal requirements for himself is that he must be excited about the opportunity. If he’s not excited about the project or idea, how can he bring value to it? To make sure that he feels like he’ll bring value, he focuses on a personal rubric that he’s created for himself. One that helps him asses if the company or person aligns with his vision for living in a way that he can stay excited about the project.