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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jul 18, 2018


Starting as a writer with her Master’s Degree in Journalism, Giselle Wasfie found herself unfulfilled. She decided to take the scary step to go back to school and pursue her Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine. With looming doubts concerning the cost and time that a master’s degree would take, as well as passing up a lucrative job offer in the journalism field, she still applied, got in, and never looked back. While at school, she felt very connected to what she was studying and that there was a voice inside telling her this was what she should be doing.

Closing The Chapter

At the same time Giselle was applying to go to school for Chinese medicine, she was up for a job as editor in chief, literally the top tier of where one would want to be in the journalism field. When she found out that she was in the finals for candidates it occurred to her that she had to make a choice. It was then that she wrote to the interviewer, thanked him for the opportunity, and then chose to fully commit herself to the pursuit of Chinese Medicine.

Starting Her Business

Giselle now runs a private practice in New York where she helps patients with acupuncture, reiki, and alternative medicine help. She helps her patients with everything from stress, digestion, and migraines, to infertility, colds, and flus. Really, anything that you would go to your normal family doctor, you could see her for.

Growing the Business

When she’s not working with patients, she’s focusing on her essential oil-based skin care line. She started playing with this idea and working on her own formulas while taking a dermatology class in school. Some of her first creations were sprays for anxiety and sleeplessness. After posting her products on Etsy, she was pleasantly surprised at her sales and soon realized that this was a business that she thoroughly enjoyed. Starting small and organically, Remix has started to grow. Giselle hopes to merge with retailers and have her own treatment room soon.

To stay mentally sane during this process, Giselle surrounded herself with her supportive family, friends, and loving dog. As the people who know her soul and work ethic, they know that when she puts her mind to something, she does it.

Aside from the support of those closest to her, she also prides herself on being independent and finding her own way, pushing through challenges to achieve what she wants.

Stoked Lifestyle

Giselle gains joy from seeing other people happy and from helping them. Whether it’s by giving advice or through Alternative Chinese Medicine, she feels driven to make the world a better place and tries to frame her life that way. As one with an artist’s personality, she feels a constant need to feel stimulated by life. Merging that need with finding ways of opening up to other people and helping them is where she finds her purpose.

Making an impact on the world doesn’t have to be building a well in Africa or making a ton of money and then giving it away. It can be small “ripples”.  It’s about using your skills and natural talents to make people feel better. When people use products that you’ve created with your head and your heart, and you help them to be better in their lives because they feel better, that’s amazing. It’s these little ripples of helping the people around you that resonate and helps put them in a better headspace of being able to give and receive love from others. This ripple effect helps us to move collectively to make a change and create a lasting impact.

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