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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jul 18, 2018


Starting as a writer with her Master’s Degree in Journalism, Giselle Wasfie found herself unfulfilled. She decided to take the scary step to go back to school and pursue her Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine. With looming doubts concerning the cost and time that a master’s degree would take, as well...

Jul 11, 2018


Marc Hans is a man of many different hustles and talents. He finds himself doing a lot of different things, all of them strung together by the common thread of creativity. Educator turned design thinker, Marc plans his projects based on the level of help he thinks he can give. 

Finding The Path

People tend to...

Jul 4, 2018


Danny Gillcrist and Jordan Lutes have grown up traveling the world. They are now a creative  Photographer/ Video team duo. Their work includes shooting commercial products on locations around the world. A recent project had them on a location where they featured red bull swimming pools with high-divers as the...