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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jun 13, 2018

Clare Healy is a 28-year-old communications mogul. She's currently based in LA where she works for an ad-tech agency called System1. Her main job is strategizing on how to reach consumers by engaging them and creating content that they want to read.

Clare’s love and passion for storytelling come through in her social media creations. As someone who majored in communications and social media, Clare notes the power that social media has gained and how it has evolved throughout the years.

The other side of Clare’s interest shows up as a sponsored athlete. Her passion for the outdoors started when she was in 8th grade. Picking up a camera from her dad’s closet, she started taking pictures outside. This interest in photography led her to develop a love for the outdoors and athletics. As an adult, she has fostered her love by working for companies such as the Outbound Collective, North Face, Solomon, and other similar outdoor brands.


Every challenge is different but in the past few years, she’s learned the value of talking to the people around her and asking for guidance instead of pushing through alone. Clare surrounds herself with positive people who are taking control of what they want to be doing and find themselves happy in that.

Setting goals can be a hard task but Clare has discovered a way that works for her. She plans every fine detail regarding a goal. Starting from a big goal, she will break it into little finer details and tasks and set timelines and dates to achieve them on Google calendar. This has helped her accomplish many of her goals and she can’t think of any other simpler or better way.

She hopes to work more and more with Outbound Collective. Outbound looks into making the outdoors and the “unknown” adventure spots more accessible. She also plans to continue figuring out how to balance all of the things that she has going on in the different areas of her work and play life. Keep opening up and trying new things

To Clare, the Stoked lifestyle means being stoked for and in everything that you do and if you’re not, take the necessary steps to change it!


Instagram: @Clarebhealy