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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jun 21, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 012 David Radparvar Deeper Intention to Life


On today’s episode, Stoked Steve interviews David Radparvar from Holstee. Holstee offers tools that can help you live a life with meaning. What steps can you take and how can you pursue it? Tune in!


“Just being is enough. We don’t need the words to define ourselves. Each of us is so much more than labels, and to be caught up on them is a trap.” -David Radparvar

A Life with a Purpose

David co-founded Holstee with his brother Fabian. They started as a T-shirt company almost 8 years ago. Now, their company has grown with the mission to help live a meaningful life.


In the last 2 years, they have their business on membership. They send inspiring artworks and guides every months. These tools help people reflect on the critical aspects of living life with a purpose.

How Holstee was Started

David and his brother just quit their jobs when they started the company. David used to work at a creative agency, while Fabian used to work in a more corporate environment as a sales person.


They came to a point when they wanted to do something creative. They wanted to pursue what they were really passionate about. That’s how Holstee came to life.

Insights in the Journey

They set themselves in a quest to answering the questions they have on life. And, they are also learning through their business.


David shares some insights in living a life with meaning. For them, it was first very clear that they wanted to work with each other. They found it very important to care for the same things and the same people.


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