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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Jul 26, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 017 Luis Calderin Everyone Needs Help and Community


Today's episode features the story of Luis Calderin. Luis is the Managing Director and of OKAY!! OKAY!! Marketing & Creative. He is presently on the move with young people in their culture. How do you leave an impact and what are some ideas on politics that you should know about? Tune in!


“Just focus on one person and see what happens.” -Luis Calderin

From Snowboarding to Marketing at Fox Racing

Not soon after his family immigrated to the US from Cuba, Luis developed friendship with some kids in their locality. They introduced him to snowboarding.


His passion in snowboarding eventually led him to a marketing job at Burton Snowboards. Later on he moved to California, and worked as the Lifestyle Marketing Director of Fox Racing. That's when Stoked Steve met him.

Bringing Different Worlds Together

Having been a Lifestyle Marketer, Luis dealt with the youth and their culture. That involved sports, music, technology, politics, and anything else that the young people are interested in.


Nowadays, according to him, things have become more diverse. When he started out, people can easily identify which category is which. That was rather more convenient in uniting the different worlds.

Key to Success in Life

Luis shares how snowboarding helped him reach the kind of success he's achieved in life. Snowboarding opened doors of opportunities for him.


That simply required him to be brave enough to step out of his comfort zone. Each experience he had served as a chapter that led to another one. That called him to get up daily and explore them out.

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