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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Aug 2, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 018 Jake Howard One Good Thing Leads to Another


Today we hear from passionate writer Jake Howard. Jake once helped in producing a magazine for the kids at Stoked. During that time, he worked as the managing editor for Surfer magazine. Tune in to what he is currently up to and be inspired to chase your dreams as well!  


"Find something that you are passionate about, and use the power of positivity to make the world a better place." - Jake Howard

Blending Passion with Work

Jake has helped launch a number of projects as a writer. He grew up surfing and backpacking, and so desired to work on something that blended with them.


Writing came naturally to him. He graduated with a degree in English, and enjoyed writing stories and poems. Little did he know that he would actually be able to pursue his passion.

From Teaching to Writing

When he graduated out of college, he decided to teach. Jake shares that he did not even know that writing was a job. He just enjoyed doing it.


Eventually, he met Sean Collins of That introduced him to writing surf reports. And slowly one good thing leads to another.

Happiness in Chasing One’s Passion

Jake enjoyed the lifestyle and happiness he had from writing. It gave him the privilege to meet interesting individuals as well as travel to different places.


He started with an annual pay of just $24,000. That wasn't practically enough where he lived. Nonetheless, he loved his job and loved the benefits it gave him.


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