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Stoked Lifestyle Podcast

Aug 16, 2017

The Stoked Lifestyle

Steve Larosiliere

EP 020 Cameron Snaith Extraordinary Life's Work


Steve welcomes long time friend Cameron Snaith. Cameron is the Founder of Giving Opportunities to Others (GOTO) and Bleeker. He is passionate about helping others hone their talents and providing them with opportunities. Listen to his story and to the exciting things he has in store for everyone!


"I was left wondering what people do when they are in a professional situation where their day jobs kind of not make them whole." - Cameron Snaith

Providing Opportunities to Excel

Cameron started GOTO at the age of 23. He worked with young professionals to send kids in New York City to arts and music summer camps.


Since then, they have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of kids. They have also raised millions of dollars. The GOTO organization is run by volunteers.

Success in Developing Talents

Cameron learned a lot of things from running GOTO. He carried those lessons with him in Bleeker, a talent development company. He appreciates the people he's worked with along the years.


“There are four things that people are missing: opportunities to continue developing, opportunities to think big, opportunities for mentorship, and opportunities for community.” - Cameron Snaith


His desire to harness leaders led him to creating opportunities for them. He wanted to help align the interest of the leaders to those of their respective organizations.


According to him, success in achieving those goals required stubbornness, ambition, and a little bit of recklessness.

Inspired to Make a Difference

Cameron grew up in Bermuda. He learned and played a number of instruments. He appreciates the support he received from his parents in pursuing his passion.


One of the jobs he's worked in was doing the inventory of music instruments. Students would return the instruments to him before Summer. That inspired him to help fund kids to summer camps and thereby provide more opportunities for them to excel in music and the arts.


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